Chicago Kid’s Day 2017 Event Schedule

10:30: George’s Gym Fun Fitness

11:00: I Speak Doggie by Pitter Patter Parenting

A dog bite prevention curriculum for young children developed by The Family Dog. The class is based on a music video that teaches kids a song about how to interact safely with dogs. A 5 lb. Toy Poodle that is certified as a Canine Good Citizen assists during this presentation. The kids learn about and practice the best ways to approach and pet a dog. Each child gets a pet care coloring book and a certificate stating that they have learned how to ‘Speak Doggie’.

12:00: Awards Ceremony

12:30: Family Zumba


Join us at the main stage and participate in these fitness events!  Then at Noon join us for the Awards Ceremony honoring the winners of our Children’s Empowerment Award and Coloring Contest!